With a rustic warmth that harks back to yesteryear, a stove or wood burner has the power to completely transform your home and make it cosier than ever. With the biggest display in the north of England, our stove experts are on hand to give you type, fuel and installation advice, a stunning change to your home can now be made with the greatest of ease.



We have a wonderfully wide variety of stoves, with multi-fuel, gas, electric and defra approved stoves, as well as boiler stoves, modern stoves, traditional stoves and inset stoves to choose from, all supplied by StovesAreUs. With prices varying to suit every budget and house style, you’re bound to find the perfect, long-lasting heating system for you and your home.

Wood Burners


At Botany Bay you can find all of the big brands in wood burners, including Aarrow, ACR, Villager, Burley, Broseley and the iconic AGA amongst many others.

A Wood-burning stoves does not only complement any room but also utilizes an eco-friendly renewable energy source, as well as reducing your fuel bill.

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