Ahoy there me hearties! Welcome to Puddletown Pirates, the biggest children’s soft play centre to sail the North West seas!

Offering unbelievable kids fun, 7 days a week


Puddletown Pirates play area has everything your little captains need to enjoy a fun-filled day, including ball pools, scramble nets, Skull Island and even an enormous galleon pirate ship. With a range of exciting activities to take part in every day, the young pirates of Puddletown can have whale of a time before or after you landlubbers go about your shopping. Take your time, they’ll be begging to be let back aboard again soon...

The soft play equipment is designed especially for children aged 0-11 years up to 4’11” or 1.5m in height. Parental supervision and safety rules apply.

Your Cuddly Creations

Your Cuddly Creations

Create your very own cuddly companion with Your Cuddly Creations. With over 50 different animals and almost 100 different items of clothing, shoes and accessories to choose from, you will be spoilt for choice! You can also add voice boxes and AROMABearapy Scent chips to your cuddly creation to make it even more special. Each animal comes with a Wish, Personalised Birth Certificate, Carry Home Box and Promise.

Your Cuddly Creations also have several Party Packages available – call us on 01257 460022 for more details.

Whether you’re looking for a new cuddly friend for yourself or as a gift for someone else, Your Cuddly Creations has something to suit every age and budget!

Your Cuddly Creations is situated on the ground floor, next to Puddletown Pirates and the Main Entrance of Botany Bay.

The Botany Bay Penny Arcade


Our vintage penny arcade can be found on the 3rd floor and is one of the largest collections of vintage penny slot machines in the country.

With machines such as ‘the smithy’ dating as far back as the turn of the 20th century (1900) right through to the ‘cave of horrors’ a rare machine from 1970.

The list of classic pre and post 1st world war machines is almost endless and so is the fun too be had on these lovingly restored examples.

What the butler saw, the laughing policeman, the haunted house, the mummys thumb, pinky and perky and punch and judy to name just a few.

Exchange your new-fangled money in one of our change machines and receive real old pennies to play the vintage slots.

An experience not to be missed.

Puddletown Website

Puddletown Pirates

For more information about party bookings, events & weekly activities, please visit...

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