From furniture to bedding plants to accentuate your garden

At Botany Bay Garden Centre in Chorley, Lancashire we take pride in growing our own. We specialise in English plants that we’ve nurtured ourselves in our own nurseries. Everything you need to cultivate your own piece of paradise is here, from the best tools for the job down to the last garden gnome.


Red Rose

Our luscious perennials, shrubs, fruit trees and bushes are enough to brighten up any outdoor space. Brilliant bedding, planted tubs and hanging baskets are always available too. Ask a member of staff for advice on the best choice and treatment for you and the latest addition to your glorious greenery.

Garden Furniture

Garden Furniture Table and Chairs

If you can’t sit back and admire your own gardening handiwork now and then, what can you do? Our tasteful range of garden furniture ensures that you can put your feet up and relax in your garden whenever you like with a selection of benches, arches, tables and chairs.



Whether your garden is missing that classic garden gnome or a more adventurous Chinese dragon, Botany Bay has the garden ornament for you. Our stone ornaments come in all shapes and sizes, guaranteed to brighten up any outdoor space.

Water Features

Add a water feature to your garden to create a soothing background noise and visual display so you can truly relax and enjoy your outdoor space. We have a range of modern and contemporary features as well as classic designs. Choose something with a subtle effect or opt for a more dramatic cascading sheet of water to really bring your garden to life.


Prune, snip, dig and water your garden into submission with our specialist gardening equipment for amateurs and experts alike. Whether you’re making major renovations or are just pottering about making small improvements, ask one of our team for advice on the best tools for the job.

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